Department of Public Safety

690 South Church Street
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19383

WCU Emergency Operations Plan

Under Title 35 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, municipalities within the Commonwealth are required by law to provide emergency management at the local level and are responsible for the submission of an Emergency Operations Plan to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency for approval.

While Colleges and Universities do not currently fall under the requirements of Pennsylvania Title 35, WCU has adopted an Emergency Operations Plan and Associated Documents and submitted them to the Chester County Emergency Management Agency and PEMA. This plan follows the same National Incident Management System (NIMS) guidelines as are required by law for the local municipalities where the University is located. Since certain sections of the WCU Emergency Operations Plan and Associated Documents contain sensitive and sometimes confidential information that will provide for the safety and security of our campus in times of crisis, the entire document is not available to the public for viewing.

However, West Chester University has developed information regarding specific community response action plans to emergencies on campus and certain notification procedures that are used to communicate with our students, employees and guests.

Emergency Response Guideline (PDF)

Questions about the Emergency Operations Plan can be forwarded to;

Michael Bicking
Director of Public Safety / Chief of Police
WCU Emergency Management Coordinator