Department of Public Safety

690 South Church Street
West Chester, Pennsylvania 19383

Crisis Response and Resources

Need Help For A Student NOW?

Public Safety: 610-436-3311 for safety concerns

Counseling Services: 610-436-2301 for behavior or mental health concerns

Emergency Medical Services : 610-436- 3311 (will link to 911)

If you are worried about a student’s mental or physical health or witnessed behaviors in a student that have caused distress, this web site was designed as a resource to offer guidance, tips, and referral sources.

Faculty members are frequently the best individuals to notice when a student is struggling, given the frequency with which they see students during the semester. At times, issues of interpersonal difficulty, academic stress, or financial pressures are evident. The information that follows is provided as a guide so that the student and the faculty member can access the best resources on campus.

Identifying Students in Distress

Key warning signs

Assistance and Intervention

Immediate help and campus resources

Threat Assessment Team

Policies, Code of Conduct, Disruptive classroom behavior and more. ..

Campus Emergency FAQ

Classroom Safety

Template for Classroom Safety Plan

Introduction to Threat Assessment (PPT)

Campus Safety Resources

Emergency Preparedness

Campus Violence:
The Recongition & Prevention

Downloadable Podcasts

Workplace Violence Video

Active Shooter Preparedness Video