West Chester University's Web site is organized in levels. The arrows at the bottom of each page allow you to move between pages on a particular level as well as change levels. The previous (left) arrow leads to the previous item on the current level. The next (right) arrow points to the next item on that level. The levels are circular. If you are on the first item, the previous arrow points to the last item on that level and if you are on the last item, the next arrow points to the first. The up arrow takes you up one level. Buttons which are grayed out are not available on that particular page.

The question mark button points to information about that particular page. Information that might be found in a help document is the creator of that page, his or her email address, a description of any images that are in the document and how they were created.

The next five buttons point to the five areas which are presented on the home page. This allows you to jump directly to a different section no matter where you are currently.

The Campus map button brings up the West Chester Campus map. Once there you will be able select either the North Campus or South Campus. Once at the North or South Campus maps, you will be able to zoom in on different sections of the campus as well as access descriptions of each of the campus buildings and the departments which are located there.

As of 20May96, some of the documents called by the maps only contain the name of the building while others have some of the departments listed. We are in the process of getting the remaining images online as well as information regarding what is housed there.

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This page was created by Randy Schirmer