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Ministries Soup Kitchen
Boy with bread Before Rev. Cecil Begbie began his soup kitchen project, he asked the schools to provide a list of children in desperate need of food. The principals responded with the entire attendance roll.

Today, his team prepares 6,000 bowls of soup daily in his own garage and personally delivers them to eight primary schools. Through this miraculous organization, school children receive a cup of soup and a slice of bread. For many, this is their only daily meal.
Visit the H.E.L.P. Ministries website
H.E.L.P. Ministries
Soup Kitchen

Established as a Welfare Trust in December 1994.

Soup is served five days a week to 1,000 unemployed adults and 9 primary schools.

Each mug of soup is made of: soup-mix, beans, flour, rice, oats, and a variety of vegetables.

Benefits of soup: provides protein, carbohydrates, and minerals which supports general health, energy, physical growth and a strengthened immune system.
Sparrow Village
"Get up and live"
Sparrow Village adopts children who are HIV-positive, many of them orphans, and gives them a real life. A stark contrast from their outside environment, this place of solace offers comforts many of us take for granted:
  • running water
    daily meals
    after-school tutoring
    teddy bears...
Sparrow Village
Many of these children will die within four years. Sparrow Village offers them a place to die in dignity.
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Sparrow Village

Founded in February 1992.

Currently serves 238 children and 94 adults.

Village offers hospice with pharmacy, athletic recreations, arts and craft centers, an animal farm, and a tea garden

Between hospice care, outpatients, and community outreach, Sparrow Village has served over 10,000 South Africans.

80% of children receive HIV upon birth; 20% from abuse.
Nkosi's Haven
"Family Refuge"

Nkosi's Haven, named in honor of the young AIDS activist Nkosi Johnson, provides holistic care and support for AIDS orphans, as well as impoverished HIV/AIDS infected mothers and their children.  By caring for both mothers and children, Nkosi’s Haven strengthens the bond between parent and child and creates a family environment for those who previously had none.
"Sustainable Orphan-Care Model"

Mosaic's vision is to develop and implement a self-sustainable model to take care of orphans in South Africa. They identify a family with two or more orphans in foster care/adopted, and then build a proper house for them they can affordably rent. Mosaic also does skills training and creates job opportunities for parents, thus creating a sustainable income for them. Finally, Mosaic address the family's social needs such as life skills training for parents and after school activities for the children.
Sparrow Village

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