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Each year about 340,000 people experience a sudden cardiac arrest in the United States. Fewer than 5% survive because emergency medical services can not reach them in time. OnSite defibrillators use a jolt of electricity to restart a heart that has stopped beating. WCU has defibrillators installed all over campus.
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Don’t let someone at WCU become a statistic. Save a life.

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white icon aed Have A Beeping AED Cabinet?

If your AED cabinet is beeping,
Please contact your supervisor or the Facility Administrator in the building.

blue icon aedAED Training Sessions

Anyone interested, please come to a training session to learn how to use an onsite defibrillator. It’s simple! The device does most of the work, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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No Classes Currently Scheduled

For more information, please call 610-436-3333 or 610-436-3192