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Confined Spaces

Confined space is a term used to describe an enclosed space with limited means of egress or entrance which is not designed for continuous employee occupancy. Examples of confined space include sewers, tunnels, fuel tanks and pressure vessels. These spaces may require employee entry for cleaning, inspection, maintenance, and repair. The University policies and procedures are expected to be followed by all administrators whose responsibilities and authority cover the operational procedures found in the guide. Campus emergency operations will be conducted by, or with the approval of those university administrators directing and/or coordinating the emergency operations. There is a wide variety of potential hazards associated with work in confined spaces. Some hazards are due strictly to the "confined" nature of the work while other potential hazards are present with any type of work, confined or not, but are amplified greatly when tasks have to be performed in a confined space. For additional information, please contact EHS at (610) 436-3380.

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