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Electronic Delivery of Your W2 is Still Available

Returning this year, you have the option to receive your W-2 electronically via Employee Self Service (ESS).  The benefits of signing up for electronic delivery include:

  • Faster delivery – have your W-2 up to a week sooner than those that choose paper delivery
  • No possibility that your W-2 might be lost, stolen, delayed or misplaced by the U.S mail service Access is available at the same easy-to-use, secure web site (ESS) at which you already access your leave, pay, benefits, and other general employee information
  • Access can be attained even if you are away from your primary residence
  • The format of the online W-2 allows an employee to quickly and easily print, just like the current pay statement, in case a paper copy is needed
  • Access to view and print copies of your W-2/W-2c as often as needed, at your convenience

You must provide your consent to receive your W-2 in electronic format in lieu of paper format.  For this reason, if you wish to attain your 2013 W-2 statement only in electronic format, please follow the following steps below.  Please note: If you signed up for electronic delivery last year, you must again sign up this year.  

1.       “Login”  ESS   https://portal.passhe.edu/irj/portal
2.       “Click” on Employee Self-Service Tab
3.       “Click” on the Payroll Tab
4.       Scroll down and “Click” on Update W-2 Election
5.       “Click” on  (I wish to receive my W2 electronically)
6.       Read the disclosure notice and check the box acknowledging you read and agreed to the terms
7.       “Click” on Continue with Electronic Enrollment

Update W-2 Election

If you elect the electronic option, you will not receive a paper copy of your W-2 via the U.S. Mail.
Your current W-2 election is to receive in electronic format.
Your W-2 election has been saved. You will receive your W-2 form in electronic format via the Self-Service Portal


At any time through 12/27/2013 you may change your mind and withdraw consent to online delivery using the ESS system.  Any withdraw after that time will need to be made in writing to your payroll office using attached form above.  An employee's withdrawal of consent will be effective on the date received.   If consent is withdrawn, it will only be effective for those W-2 statements not yet issued. Written withdraws will only be accepted up until January 8, 2013.

Please note that if you consent to receive your W-2 electronically, you will not receive a paper copy of your W-2. If you do not consent to electronic delivery you will only receive your W-2 in the mail and will not be able to access it electronically.  


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