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Caregivers Support Group
“The Legal Rights and Legal Needs of Caregivers –Critical Information for Difficult Times” Presentation: Friday, December 16th at 12pm
Meet Janet Colliton, Elder Care Attorney and Jeffrey Jones from Life Transition Services who will discuss the legal, financial and care issues adults face when dealing with the health and well being of an elderly family member. If you find yourself in a similar position, please come to this special presentation!  

Interested in attending?
  If so, RSVP by clicking here. More details on the presentation are listed below:

I. Background – The Value of Caregiving Services to American Society

    1. The “Met Life – Juggling Act Studies – Balancing Caregiving With Work and the Costs Involved”
    2. Can/ Are Caregivers Compensated?  If so, how?  If not, why not?  Legislation planned and in the wings.

II. The Legal Rights of Caregivers

    1. Access to medical information – Is it available?
    2. Handling of financial matters – Can it be done?  Should it be done?  What are the risks and benefits.
    3. How to Enhance Rights through Health Care and Financial Powers of Attorney
    4. What Powers of Attorney Are and What Provisions Every Power of Attorney Should Include

III. The Legal Needs of Caregivers

    1. When to ask for help
    2. Where to go for resources
    3. The risks of not going for help
    4. When to go to family

IV. Finances – Income, retirement and tax issues.  Gifts, loans.  Family Agreements as planning tools.

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