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Slip and Fall Prevention

Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice fishing or simply drinking a warm beverage!   Brings to mind wonderful winter experiences.  Twisted knee, broken wrist, bruised elbow, wrenched back, cut lip.   All these are part of the winter experience too if one is not aware of road and sidewalk conditions.   Snow falling or rain plus freezing temperatures create slippery roads and sidewalks.  Yes, the campus roads and walkways are plowed, salted, and chipped clear of ice, but the campus is large and it takes time to clear so each person must always be aware of the driving and walking conditions.  To make it to spring time without falling here are a few winter safety tips:

- Most slips and falls occur when entering or exiting a vehicle.
- Footwear should be appropriate for conditions-choose styles with slip resistant soles
- Exercise extra caution on stairways and ramps- use handrails if available
- Icy patches may be present even on clear days
- Ice and slippery areas can be present in the afternoon not just in the morning or at night

So lets make it to spring without falling so you can play softball or soccer, garden, fish, or simply drink a cool beverage!   

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