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Employee Photo Gallery


Ann Callaghan working in Sykes Student Union

Paul and Lisa

D2L's Paul Gargiulo and Lisa Dise


Motor Pool

Larry Krackov, John Hoover and Richard Cantlin in the Motorpool Garage


Career Development

The Career Development Center
Phil Tripp, Krista Carsens, Preeti Singh, Becky Ross and Evelyn Doran

Academic Affairs

Joyce Holste, Lori Kettlety and Marguerite de Wet working together in Phillips

Department of Art + Design

John Baker

John Baker and his students scultping

Art 2

Kate Stewart assisting a student

Nancy Rumfield

Peggy Hill working with her student

Nancy Rumfield giving a lecture

Richard Blake

Richard Blake engaging his students

Belinda Haikes with a class hard at work

John Baker and Ginger da Costa after a class


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