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Workplace Bullying

Over the past several months, you have seen communications from the Office of Human Resources seeking to bring campus awareness to the presence of workplace bullying and toxic behavior as well as to provide resources in an effort to eliminate them from our campus community.  

This month, our communication focuses on cyber bullying.  Some may ask, “What is the difference between a cyber bully and a traditional workplace bully?”  The answer is simple.  A cyber bully attacks its target through technology.  Like a traditional workplace bully, a cyber bully targets those that they are jealous of or threatened by and look to accomplish the same goals: intimidate, embarrass, belittle and devalue, to name a few.  Research shows that nearly half of reported cyber bullying is done through chat rooms, but other methods include email, text message and social media. It is thought that social media cyber bullying occurrences could soon surpass those of chat rooms. 

The first step in ridding toxic behavior is acknowledging that it exists.  Ignoring the toxic behavior not only allows it to continue, but research shows the behavior will worsen over time.   We need to work together to recognize where the toxic behaviors lie within our campus to bring them to light and begin to better address them.   

Together we will work toward maintaining a positive, productive and safe workplace at West Chester University.

Be sure to look out for our communication next month, which will focus on mobbing.

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