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The Year Ahead

Wonder where the summer went?   Me, too.  But here we are, a couple of weeks into the new school year already.  As I look back on the summer past, I’m pretty happy with the planning my areas have done for the coming year – and years beyond. 

In that regard, I thought it might be timely to mention a few of the kinds of things the Office of Human Resources will undertake this new academic year.  And when I say the “Office of Human Resources”, I mean the various departments under that umbrella:  HR, Labor Relations, Training and Organizational Development, Payroll, and Environmental Health and Safety.

With the continuing campus dialogue on and development of a new WCU Strategic Plan, our own dialogue in HR began with the premise that human capital planning will remain critical to the success of WCU – today and in the future.    And that said, the basic challenge for WCU becomes having the right people with the right skills at the right time to do what needs to be done well.  And the right people are employees who feel valued, who appreciate the need to grow as needs change, who view their work through a broad lense, who seek engagement, and would prefer to work here than just about anywhere else.      

In the coming year, the Office of Human Resources will be introducing individualized career planning to non-represented employees as a pilot group.  We are also overhauling the non-represented employees’ performance management system to better integrate with WCU’s new “strategic themes”, and to segue into developmentally focused strategies.   We will also be developing a new generation leadership development model, which will be open to employee leaders at all levels. 

Understanding that many of our employees will also be contemplating retirement in the next few years, and acknowledging that many of our jobs are already rapidly changing through technology, changing demographics and increased competition, WCU also risks huge voids in both skills and institutional knowledge if we do not better prepare successors.  A combination of intelligent recruiting and accelerated learning opportunities for our existing employees will be required to adequately meet those needs.  This September, our web-based recruitment management system from PeopleAdmin will be available for use in both instructional and non-instructional searches.  Skill and position gap analyses, a preliminary component of workforce development, will also be introduced to all the divisions.   Our professional and organizational development staff will also be working hard to find new prescriptions for addressing our employees’ learning needs.  

We’ll also be working hard with the Office of the Chancellor to expand the relevancy, reach, and depth of the PASSHE Academy; and to make reality new “total rewards” program proposals presently under discussion by the Council of Presidents, including new non-financial rewards programs with hopefully broad appeal to employees.    And a good part of our focus will be employee retention – looking at broader introduction of flexible scheduling and mobile technology to improve the work-life balance of our employees.

I hope this sampling of Office of Human Resources objectives for the coming year gives you a flavor of things to come this year, in addition to the daily operations of the departments.  If you would like additional information on anything noted above, please feel free to ask.

Michael T. Maloy
Associate Vice President of Human Resources

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