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WCU's RideShare Program


WCU has partnered with eRideShare to bring you a free carpool matching program.

leaf bullet What is WCU RideShare?
WCU RideShare is a free carpool program for WCU faculty, staff and students. Participation is voluntary. The system is completely private, it even gives you a separate log in name and hides your email address. Simply create a new account and post your travel route. LOG IN to view current listings

leaf bullet How does WCU RideShare Work?
The program is spilt into two portals. One for faculty & staff and one for students. Each portal provides a list of WCU commuters who want to carpool. Commuters set up their own carpools to fit their particular commuting needs.

HOW TO create a WCU RideShare account

HOW TO add or edit a WCU RideShare posting

HOW TO communicate with a commuter to set-up a carpool!

The program allows you to post your travel routes and desired carpool schedule on an intelligent message board.  To match up a carpool, look through the list of interested WCU commuters and find one that shares your route. Communicate specific details of carpooling through the eRideShareprogram.

leaf bullet Why should I use WCU RideShare?

Carpooling can save you as much as $1,000 a year in auto fuel, insurance and maintenance costs. You will also enjoy a more relaxing ride to and from work. Just as important, you'll help preserve the environment.
Calculate your commuting spending here

Email Melissa at mnejbauer@wcupa.edu

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