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Coaching and Consulting Lead to Measureable Results

Below are the types of coaching and consulting the Office of Training and Organizational Development offers. An outside perspective, brainstorm or support may be all you need to help keep you moving in a forward direction. Meet Scott Sherman and Lindsay Bishop of the Office of Training and Organizational Development Team. Contact Us to learn more and see which option or options are right for you!  _

What is Coaching?
Answers are often found within the person being coached.

Business Coaching
is all about helping campus leaders and employees get very clear on what they most want, creating a great plan, and supporting them to make all the important changes needed to achieve the outcome they desire. Coaching consistently delivers a high return on investment and can be a powerful partner in helping employees achieve far greater levels of success, happiness and fulfillment in their professional and personal lives.  Coaches can assist employees by:

-Helping clarify values
-Being a sounding board and truth teller
-Challenging to expand views
-Co-creating a plan for how to achieve results
-Serving as an accountability partner and supporter
What is Consulting?
After a thorough needs assessment, answers are often delivered by a consultant with particular level of expertise.

Leadership and Performance Consulting seek to understand and develop a holistic strategy to change performance; the results typically include changes in measurement strategy, education, staffing, and toolkits. Its goals can be summarized in the slogan "work smarter, not harder." (Scott Sherman, Certified coach and 25+ years in leadership and performance development)


Process Improvement Consulting is the management discipline of providing informed impartial advise to leaders in relation to improving the performance of processes and systems. Areas of review would include operations, planning, and processes.