Information Technology

West Chester University

Adel Barimani, CIO
Vice President for Information Services
23 Anderson Hall
West Chester, PA 19383

Information Technology & Academic Computing Services

classroom pc
THE MISSION of Information Technology & Academic Computing Services at West Chester University is to serve the computing and information technology needs of the campus community, and in doing so is responsible for the support of over 3700 computers and related services on campus. This division provides support, promotes, and contributes to the effective use of technology in education and its supporting enterprise.

Information Technology & Academic Computing Services also provides training, support, and technology services to the University community.

This support includes:

  • Training for faculty, staff and students in a range of software applications
  • Infrastructure & Web services support campus-wide
  • Assistance in integrating technology into curriculum/RECAP conference
  • Technical support for software and hardware platforms
  • Digital media services including digital corner and TV studio services
  • Course management support utilizing D2L
  • Academic Computing also supports several computer laboratories primarily used by students

Other services include: the Academic Computing Center services, Web Information systems including the University Website, E-mail/Internet and Intranet Services, Client Services (which includes: Software Application Training, Desktop Support, Computing Technical Services, Multimedia Support, Video Conferencing and the University Help Desk), Digital Media/TV studio, Digital corner services for faculty and Distance Education services.