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Adel Barimani, CIO
Vice President for Information Services
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Instructional Technology Training Initiative

Human Capital Transformation, West Chester University Plan for Excellence

"West Chester University will increase its investment in the continued development of the skills and knowledge of its faculty, staff, and administrators."

Information Services: ITTI - Instructional Technology Training Initiative

As suggested in the WCU Plan for Excellence, the ITTI (Instructional Technology Training Initiative) is a combination of programs designed for successful integration of technology into curriculum, classroom instruction and research. ITTI will support Faculty by providing instruction, information distribution and technical assistance on existing and emerging technologies.

Instructional Technology Training Initiative (ITTI)

The Instructional Technology Training Initiative (ITTI) Program is an ongoing program designed to train educators to integrate technology into curriculum. The main emphases in the program are on-line course management, hands-on technology training, interactive Web and digital authoring, and instructional design modeling and tools.

Program Outcomes

  • Learn strategies of integrating technology into curriculum
  • Learn about existing instructional design models and tools
  • Learn about technology-based teaching skills
  • Learn about course management tools/design
  • Integrate basic computing skills into curriculum
  • Integrate web skills into curriculum
  • Integrate Internet skills into curriculum
  • Integrate graphics and digital interface design skills into curriculum
  • Learn to teach an on-line web-based class
  • Learn to teach a video conferencing class 
  • Develop skills using the presentation classrooms
  • Learn about technology tools available and upcoming tools
  • Learn about digital strategies for your classes