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About Clickers

A clicker, or student response system, is a piece of hardware, and associated software, that allows an instructor to poll students and capture and display results for a class to see and discuss. Student response systems, or clickers, are becoming an important learning tool in higher education as faculty use the technology to promote active learning, engage students, encourage participation, check knowledge, provide immediate feedback, and even assess knowledge.

What student response system are we using at WCU?

West Chester University has standardized on the Turning Technologies student response system. This consists of Turning Technologies TurningPoint 5 software. Instructors may choose either the ResponseCard RF LCD clicker or ResponseWare with a mobile device for student to use in their classes.

How and why was the Turning Technologies student response system selected?

In response to increasing interest expressed by WCU Faculty to use clickers, and due to having isolated instances of faculty already using clickers from different vendors in their classes, Information Services initiated an effort to identify a standard solution. After carefully comparing several systems and considering faculty feedback, the Turning Technologies solution was chosen because it addressed current needs and its future product offerings match our areas of interest. Using one student response system product at WCU offers many advantages to both faculty and students, including:

  • Eliminates the need for students to purchase and manage multiple clickers, preventing redundant costs.
  • IS will support the standard product by offering:
    • Product launch
    • Training
    • Support
    • IS purchased loaner kits for faculty wanting to try the technology, or use it for the short term
    • Integration with D2L for student registration, class rosters, and grading
    • Fostering of faculty "best practices" sessions
  • Ensures the best technology is selected for the University.
  • Allows faculty to build experience and easily share knowledge.

Student Response System Product Summary