Transfer Direct to Voicemail

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Joseph Sincavage, Director
Networking & Telcommunications
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Direct Transfer to Voicemail

If you have a call on your phone which you would like to transfer directly to a voicemail box, follow the
instructions below:

1. With the incoming caller on the line, press “Trans” (transfer) to begin a new call and place the
caller on a temporary hold.
2. Dial 2 2 6 2
3. You will immediately hear the message “press # now”; immediately press the # key on your
4. Next you will hear the message “please dial the extension for which you wish to leave a
message followed by the # sign key.” Immediately enter the four digit extension, then press
the # key on your keypad.
5. As quickly as possible after pressing the # key, press the “Trans” (Transfer) key. This put the
original call through to the voicemail box where they will hear the greeting and be able to leave
a message.