Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Development Guide

WCU Center For International Programs

Marketing Plan and Materials

After programs have been approved by CIP, faculty members can begin marketing them to students. Please send any flyers, photos, and promotional content directly to Jeff Conradi, and share the details of any information sessions so that they can be added to the CIP calendar.

Faculty members should be in touch with Jeff if they'd like to add additional application requirements, such as an essay, faculty recommendation, required interview, or audition.

WCU faculty memebers Dr. Ed Lordan and Dr. Matt Waite have provided the list below of things to consider when developing and marketing a program.
  1. Is it an intro level course or upper division?
  2. Who are your most likely participants? (Majors, which college, grad/undergrad, etc.)
  3. Will participants come from only within your major, or others? (which others?)
  4. Are non-WCU students allowed to participate?
  5. Is course for-credit, or not-for-credit?
    • If for-credit, can non-credit participates go? (Will cost be the same?)
  6. Emphasizing the tourism and travel, but maintaining academic integrity
  7. Advertisements
    • Posters
    • The Quad
    • PP Show (in display cabinet)
    • Classroom visits
    • Video
    • Website
    • FaceBook Page




You can view examples of past programs on the following link

WCU Faculty-led Program Directory