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Recent Stories from our Interns

West Chester University is proud of our student successes. We have so many tales of student stories that we will be building this page to include as many as possible. Many of these stories are written by the student interns in their own voices.

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John Remis of Media is working for the Legislative Office of Research Liaison (LORL) as part of a 15–week internship sponsored by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).

Remis is a senior political science major at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. He is one of 14 students participating in The Harrisburg Internship Semester (THIS) program, which provides students the opportunity to work in all areas of state government while earning a full semester’s worth of credits. THIS invites students from each of the 14 PASSHE universities to participate.

Remis, the son of Susan Baker, is a graduate of Strath Haven High School. He and the other students participating in the program will attend several academic seminars during their spring semester internship. Each of the students also will complete an individualized research project as part of the program’s requirements.

More than 500 students from PASSHE universities have participated in THIS since the program began in 1989, each gaining valuable insight into the workings of state government at the policy–making level. Interns have worked with dozens of state agencies, as well as in the offices of the governor, the speaker of the House of Representatives and the attorney general.

PASSHE students interested in participating in THIS in a future semester may obtain information on the program by contacting their individual campus coordinator or their university’s cooperative or internship office, or by calling the Dixon University Center at (717) 720–4089. More information on the program also is available here.

John Remis – Political Science; The Harrisburg Internship Semester (THIS)


The Philadelphia Flyers are a professional athletic team that was recently named the 2010 Eastern Conference Champions in the NHL and I believe that my job as a Game Presentations Intern for the Flyers contributes to the overall entertainment success of each home game. My bosses, Michaela Sweet and Anthony Gioia, make all of the calls during a game (whether it is the announcements or Merch hits) and it is their duty to make sure that the game presentation runs smoothly. As their intern, I work by their sides to contribute to all elements of the game day entertainment and, most importantly, to make the fans happy. On a day–to–day basis I am involved with several projects. My primary in–the–office role is to help oversee the Flyers Fun Patrol (the group that works the main concourse during games to promote our sponsors and to keep the fans excited and involved with games and prizes). I create prize schedules for our Fun Patrol giveaways... such as "LUKOIL LUCKY ROW" or the "SUGARHOUSE CASINO LUCKY ROW" and the Fun Patrol moves around during the game to run the promotions and bring prizes to winning fans.

Another aspect of my role at the Wells Fargo Center, where the Flyers play, is to create a PA script for the announcers during the game. Sponsors and what products we are trying to promote change with each game. It is my role to go through the announcers’ format and make those changes to the most recent script. Though each day is something different at my internship I enjoy the pace and content of everything that I do. One of my favorite jobs as an intern is to follow the camera man around during the game to make sure he films the right promotions at the right time. I enjoy this because I get the chance to interact with special guests and running around keeps me involved. Luckily enough, I recently had the chance to meet Bernie Parent, who was the goal keeper of the Philadelphia Flyers when they won the Stanley Cup during the 1973–74 and 1974–75 seasons. I had to make sure that he got onto the Jumbotron with Kobayashi (the world’s greatest competitive eater) for all of the fans to see and so that the fans could cheer them on. Mr. Parent even passed along some words of wisdom about life that I will remember forever.


A Flyers internship is great experience for anyone interested in working in professional sports with marketing, community relations, or game presentation. I recommend interning with Comcast Spectacor because the networking possibilities are endless and the work is fantastic!

Pictured: Left: Bobby Parent, Right: Milanee Paolilli

Milanee Paolilli – Game Presentation Intern; Philadelphia Flyers

Amnesty International USA , Mid-Atlantic Regional Office, Washington D.C.

Last summer I had a three month internship with Amnesty International USA – specially with the Mid-Atlantic Regional Office, MARO as I would soon learn to call it (it seems as though everything in D.C. has an acronym.) The office was located in Eastern Market which is only one metro stop away from Capitol Hill. I lived with other D.C. interns on George Washington University’s Campus in Foggy Bottom. It was in walking distance to Gerogetown, Dupont Circle, The White House, Smithsonians, and the Washington Monument!


Amnesty International is one of the largest human rights non-profits. The organization was founded in 1961 and has over 3 million supporters, activists, and volunteers in over 150 countries. The Amnesty International USA office in D.C. contains several different departments including: the MARO office, advocacy, policy and research; organizing, membership and campaigns; and external affairs and operations.

The D.C. office had approximately 50 staff members and 30 interns. I was the intern for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director. I also worked directly with his staff (2 field organizers and administrative assistant.) There were also three other interns in my area. During the internship, I helped plan various events and communicate with Amnesty International members in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Some of the events I worked on during my internship included rallies at embassies, protests at the White House, panel discussions, film screenings, and Amnesty International anniversary celebrations. We were also given many opportunities to attend and help out at various events including the Women Deliver Conference.

The two major events we were working on throughout the whole summer were the Leadership Conference in Dulles, Virginia and the Regional Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. The Leadership conference was designed for students. Amnesty International Club leaders from colleges and high schools came together for one weekend and learned new ideas on how to improve their organizations. 50 student leaders attended the conference. We planned the workshops, breakout sessions, keynote speakers, and all of the meals and activities for them. We also had to arrange all of their travel accommodations. I was also asked to help staff the regional conference that took place in Pittsburgh this past November. This conference was for all of the Amnesty International members in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Hundreds of people attended this conference. We were in charge of assisting with registration, merchandise, helping the presenters and making sure people had a worth while experience.


I loved interning for Amnesty International because I got a lot of hands on experience planning and executing events. They really treated us as one of the staff and gave us a significant amount of work to do. I was in charge of updating some of the brochures and other material that is given to members. I also had to analyze the membership survey and give a statistical analysis of the results. The report was then given to board members at the regional conference.

Even though I interned with one specific department the staff made sure that we got experience with all of the departments. Each week we had "brown bags" where we would come together, eat lunch and listen to a staff member talk about the specific work they were doing with Amnesty International. Sometimes we video conference staff members in different states and even different countries! I had an awesome internship experience this past summer. I learned a lot about myself and also about office culture and non–profit work.

Laura Putman – Communication Studies; Amnesty international

I recently completed my internship in the Community Relations department with the Philadelphia Flyers. The Community Relations department coordinates the school assembly program, organizes player appearances, responds to all donation requests, and is the primary liaison between the public and the Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Club. This internship helped me grow in numerous ways because I was entrusted with so many responsibilities. My primary goal for this internship was to experience a real-world work environment.


During my time with the Philadelphia Flyers, I was treated as a regular employee rather than an intern. All of my work had a deadline, which meant that there were consequences if I did not complete my work on time. In addition, I was able utilize my problem solving skills for any issue that arose in the workplace. For example, I was the primary liaison for all donation requests, therefore, charitable organizations frequently called my direct line to request Flyers memorabilia. One of the most exciting aspects of working for the Flyers was the ability to experience what occurs in the organization behind the scenes. During my time with the Flyers I was able to participate in autograph days, in which the players sign hockey pucks, sticks, jerseys, and other items for the Flyers organization to donate to charities and fundraisers. Furthermore, I was able to assist in the charitable portion of the Flyers organization, meaning that I created opportunities for charitable organizations to attend home games. It was extremely rewarding to experience how grateful the children and adults were for any opportunity they were given.

Through this internship, I feel that I mastered the ability to multi-task. I had five immediate supervisors in the CR department, which meant that they often asked me to complete several different tasks within the same period of time with each supervisor believing that his or her request was to be my first priority. In addition, I believe that I have experienced a taste of everything by being in the CR department. I have been able to participate in the planning of special events, develop marketing strategies for various departments, as well as develop holiday initiatives. I have had the opportunity to expand my horizons through interviewing various employees of Comcast-Spectacor. Through this, I have utilized my networking skills and made connections that will be especially useful for me when I begin applying for full–time jobs.

Obviously, I chose to do an internship that was out of the ordinary for my English major. Often, when I tell people that I intern with the Philadelphia Flyers in the Community Relations department, they ask me what major I have. It’s a reasonable question but I was not prepared for the typical response – laughter followed with the inquiry of how an English major got involved with a sports team. I have perfected my answer now, which is that graduating with a degree in English allows me to have to freedom to choose from a variety of careers because if you can write... you can do anything!

Meghan Carrigan – BA English; Community Relations with Philadelphia Flyers

My internship at NBC10 has been an excellent experience! This is currently my second semester working in the investigation office under Harry Hairston, Luann Cahn, and Ed Dress. My primary priorities include answering story ideas from viewers whether they are by phone or email, going out on story shoots, editing, transcribing, and finishing video to air for the news.

Last semester, however, I was assigned to cover the Pawlowski trial; a first degree murder trial of a young police officer in Philadelphia. This took up a large part of my internship and most of the time and I was sent out by myself to cover this case. I was expected to report back to the news room everything that happened during the trial each day to either be reported on-air or to be written up for the station’s website. At one point, one of my stories made the top ten stories of the week! I was the only intern to make this accomplishment all semester and was really proud of the accomplishment. The greatest part of such an accomplishment is that the acknowledgement for my work was sent out by the head general manager of the station. This is still probably my greatest experience there so far.


For the current semester, I plan to spend more time editing and going out with reporters on story ideas. One of the main reasons for the internship is to get to know people within the news industry. Throughout my time at NBC10 and the trial, I have been fortunate enough to meet many people within NBC and from other local stations. When I do graduate this semester, I plan to start looking for reporting jobs. This aspect of the internship will benefit me in ways that I could have never imagined before starting this experience. I look forward to going to work every day there and no day is predictable. I cherish this opportunity as one of the most fortunate things that has ever happened to me. Furthermore, I would recommend the experience to anyone interested in news. You never do know what you want to do until you try it. Thankfully, I think I've found what I would like my future to behold.

Leanne Sturt – BA English; NBC–Channel 10

By interning at West Chester University’s Office of Public Relations and Marketing in the fall of 2010, I realized that one of the best ways to learn is through experience. Through this incredibly invaluable and positive internship, I learned how to write effective press releases, conduct professional interviews, and compile monthly calendars of campus events.

I have had a great deal of experience due to the responsibilities that came with this internship. For example, in order to publicize University events, activities, and honors, the Public Relations and Marketing office must send press releases to local newspapers. As a result, I gained extensive experience writing effective, persuasive, concise, and interesting press releases. Over the course of my internship, I wrote more than 20 press releases! The topics of these releases ranged from University concerts and lectures to volunteer events and musicals, and I was able to greatly expand and diversify my writing. During the course of my internship, two of my press releases were featured in newspapers–specifically, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Daily Local.


While most of the information included in my press releases was obtained from either University sources, such as the University website or magazine, I was occasionally required to conduct interviews. Further, after the interviewing process was over, I had to decide which pieces of information to use in the press releases. Thus, through extensive practice and experience, I learned valuable skills regarding writing to a specific audience (newspaper editors), calibrating the importance of information, and deciding whether the information should ultimately be included in the press release.

Overall, my experience as an intern at West Chester University’s office of Public Relations and Marketing was extremely fulfilling, valuable, educational, and rewarding and allowed me to learn invaluable skills within the field of Public Relations that I could not have learned through any other means but experience.

Kaitlin Tito – BA English; West Chester University’s Office of Public Relations and Marketing

My experience in clinical this summer was one filled with positive and exciting encounters that reaffirmed why I am in the healthcare field and at West Chester University. As a student in the respiratory care program I spent six weeks of my summer rotating through six hospitals in both Pennsylvania and Delaware. The school year prior to this was spent in the classroom acquiring the essential skills and knowledge that would be utilized in the hospital and clinical setting. When looking back on my experience, the week I spent at Paoli hospital was one of the best and most enlightening.


In just one week at Paoli I observed and participated in a profound number of medical procedures. On the medical floors I provided patients with nebulizer treatments and various methods of broncho-pulmonary hygiene, like chest physical therapy and tracheal suctioning. In addition, I set up a variety of oxygen delivery systems like mechanical ventilators, CPap and BiPap. I was also provided the opportunity to enter a delivery room where the therapist and I set up a high flow nasal cannula for a 34 week preterm baby.

Later that week I was again offered a unique opportunity to observe a cardiac patient have two stents placed in his heart. I have always had an interest in medicine and a strong desire to help people in need, and this experience has reaffirmed my desires and strengthened my motivation to succeed in the field. I look forward to getting back to class for my senior year and continuing my clinical practice in the intensive care units located at these hospitals.

Kyle Hitchens – West Chester University’s Respiratory Care