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Students looking for internships


According to surveys conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), it is clear that internships are critically beneficial to student success in obtaining and securing future employment. Participation in an internship is something employers are looking for in a resume to show actual industry experience. In fact, 95% of employers prefer to hire graduates who have some work experience in their career field and an internship can be your perfect experience niche.

Internships are the key to networking into your ideal job positions and being prepared once you obtain those jobs. While some select WCU departments will find and place you with companies, many will want you to find the position that you know best fits your needs. Finding that company is a process with which WCU will gladly help you!

Where to Find Internships

  • Contact your departmental Internship Coordinator to obtain any list of companies and their internship availabilities

  • Make an appointment with the WCU Career Development Center (CDC) to develop your internship search strategy and perfect your resume with a career professional

  • Log in to Ram Career Network, West Chester University's official career management system for jobs and internships.

  • Network with professors and family contacts for tips and contacts.

  • Use these helpful links (alphabetical order):
    • Back Door Jobs: a site listing "short–term job adventures" for those looking for unique opportunities.
    • Go Government: A source for federal government jobs and internships.
    • Internships Abroad: A handout developed by the career center listing international internship programs and resources.
    • a national database of internships for students and recent graduates. Internship seekers can search the database by keywords or location.
    • a national database of internships for students and recent graduates.
    • InternQube: a resource hub to help students develop the professional skills employers are looking for in new hires
    • a national database of internships for students and recent graduates.
    • A site for students and employers that will differentiate internships by paid, summer, general, or even summer jobs, may search by industry.
    • a dedicated online internship database whose mission is to enable employers and internship seekers to find each other easily and efficiently.
    • YouTern: promotes internship opportunities and includes bogs and advice for the savvy internship seeker.

Departmental Contacts

It is important to make connections between specific jobs and interns. It may not be that the department that an employer contacts will see a direct link between the work offered and their program. Employers are encouraged to read through department descriptions to ensure that they are contacting the right department.

Click here to be linked to the page of department contacts and descriptions.


Liability Insurance Coverage for Students

West Chester University does not provide nor purchase liability insurance coverage for students serving in an intern program or fieldwork experience. Because many host organizations require that interns have liability or malpractice insurance, students need to personally purchase intern liability insurance when required to do so by the cooperating institution/agency/company.

In addition, the University should NOT be listed as a named insured on the student's personal policy. This is between the student and the host site only. University personnel must be careful not to designate or appear to endorse a particular insurance policy or carrier.

While the University does not (and cannot) purchase malpractice insurance for students, WCU can require internship students to purchase insurance to participate in a certain program or field experience. Each Dean has the ability to review and determine whether the time is right to require students to have malpractice insurance in place for programs or fieldwork within their academic purview.

The Dean, Chairs, and/or faculty should make students aware of the potential liability they may incur while completing an internship or field experience, reiterating that the University does not insure student interns, and the exposure each student may incur if they do not have obtain such liability coverage.

For more information regarding Affiliation Agreements click here.