Christmas   in the Works of
Stanley Weintraub

Bernard Shaw: The Diaries 1885 - 1897. Volume II
University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1986

p. 882

[Dec] 21 Go down to Kelmscott by the 13.25 train from Paddington. to Paddington in good time. Miss Allen saw us off. We had an hours wait in Oxford and walked through the town....The party at Kelmscott consisted of the Sparlings, myself [Shaw], Morris, and Mary De Morgan....

X´mas boxes to May [Morris Sparling] and May's parents 20/-....

[Dec] 22 (at Kelmscott)

...Cold weather, very muddy underfoot....The routine here is....Breakfast at 9; dinner at 13; afternoon tea at about 17; and supper at 9 1/2. Then we all go up to the tapestry room and play at "twenty questions." All except Morris and myself go to bed about 22 1/2 or 23. We sit up an jaw a bit longer....This evening we had mummers in.....

[Dec] 24

Frost harder than before....took a walk with Sparling before dinner....Finished the pasting [album of press notices]. Serenades, etc. by the villagers outside. Talked to Morris about Durer, etc. before we went to bed.

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