Christmas   in the Works of
Stanley Weintraub

The Stanley Tree

In the later 1960´s, Mark, David and Erica, Stanley Weintraub´s children, wanted to persuade their father to let them put up a tree at Christmas. Until then he had been unwilling. With the encouragement of their mother, they developed a strategy. The children stuck an evergreen branch into an empty rubber cement bottle, appropriated from their father's office wastebasket as a base, and set up their surprise in the living room. Dangling from it, made secretly, were matchboxes covered and decorated as miniature facsimiles of his books...Private Shaw and Public Shaw, War in the Wards, Beardsley, The Last Great Cause, and a few others. He was charmed. His opposition gave way....

In 1978 the ever larger branch was replaced by a small artificial tree, and more books hung from it: Shaw: An Autobiography, Whistler, Four Rossettis, and others. Some new books to be reproduced were Mom´s, like Rodelle´s Fabian Feminists.

One by one the children left for college. The books continued to be produced, often from afar. They married....and their spouses (Judy, Carie Lee, and Bruce) took turns decorating additional matchbox books: The London Yankees, The Unexpected Shaw, Victoria, Long Day's Journey into War, Shaw´s People.

Soon the grandchildren (MaryAlison, Sarah, Sofia, Hannah, Jimmy, Isaac, Benjamin and Noah) began helping do miniature books....

Inevitably, the tree had to get bigger, to hold Disraeli, The Last Great Victory, Uncrowned King, and now MacArthur´s War, Dear Young Friend, and The Importance of Being Edward, the newest. And, now that the second generation has begun to publish, Erica´s first book has appeared on a branch. Some fifty matchbox miniatures now hang from the "Stanley Tree."


Index of Weintraub Christmas Exhibit Pages

  1. Dear Young Friend: The Letters of American Presidents to Children
  2. Albert: Uncrowned King
  3. Victoria: An Intimate Biography
  4. Shaw's People: Victoria to Churchill
  5. Disraeli: A Biography
  6. Bernard Shaw: The Diaries  1885-1897, Volume I
  7. Bernard Shaw: The Diaries  1885-1897, Volume II
  8. Shaw: An Autobiography  1856-1898
  9. The Playwright and the Pirate: Bernard Shaw and Frank Harris: A Correspondence
  10. Bernard Shaw  1914-1918: Journey to Heartbreak
  11. Private Shaw and Public Shaw: a dual portrait of Lawrence of Arabia and G.B.S.
  12. Lawrence of Arabia: the literary impulse
  13. Silent Night: The Christmas Truce of 1914
  14. The Last Great Cause: The Intellectuals and the Spanish Civil War
  15. Reggie: A Portrait of Reginald Turner
  16. Whistler: A Biography
  17. Beardsley: A Biography
  18. Aubrey Beardsley: Imp of the Perverse
  19. Four Rossettis: A Victorian Biography
  20. Exhibit: Story of Stanley Tree
  21. Exhibit: Stanley Tree Photograph 1
  22. Exhibit: Stanley Tree Photograph 2

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