Venue Management

West Chester University

Christopher Nelson
118 Philips Memorial Building
West Chester, PA 19383
Fax: 610-738-0466

 Technical Information: Asplundh Concert Hall


Seating:     1,202

•       Orchestra       765

•       Balcony*         437

*Please note: Balcony is not handicapped accessible.

Stage Dimensions:

o    Proscenium Opening         36' Wide x 21'9" High

o    Portal Opening        33'2" Wide x 19' High

o    Stage       36' Wide x 40' Deep

o    Stage Wings

•       Stage Right        7'10"

•       Stage Left        8'8"

o    Note: The Stage is raked

•       Upstage is 11" higher than downstage

Orchestra Shell:

o    36' Wide Downstage

o    21' Wide Upstage

o    17' Deep

Stage Extension:

o    38' Wide x 8' Deep x 3.5' High

o    Pit must be covered to use the extensions

Pit Dimensions:

o    46' Wide x 7' at Center x 5'7" below Stage Height

o    Pit is 4'6" at stage right and stage left

o    Pit is 2'3.5" below audience level

o    Pit can be covered to be flush with house floor

o    Pit has 9' x 5' hydraulic lift at center stage

Dressing Rooms

o    (1) Handicap accessible bathroom/dressing area on stage left

o    (2) Group dressing rooms with bathrooms **Located one floor below stage level next to green room Access to stage right***

o    NO Laundry Service


o    ** All catering must be provided by Aramark **

o    48' Wide x 73' Long (There are eight 2' x 3' columns in the room)

o    Capacity: 330 people

Theatrical Lighting - See Inventory

o    250 ETC Sensor Theatrical Dimmers 2.4kw Dimmers

o    ETC ION 1000 w/ 2x20 Fader Wing

**All ETC Instruments Have 575w Lamps**

o    House Lighting

o    Dimmable Incandescent

o    Follow Spots

o    (2) 1600w Xenon Super Trouper follow spots

•       Located in spot booth above balcony

Sound System

o    (2) Soundcraft GB4 Sound Console 32x4x2

o    (1) Allen &Heath GL2200 24x4x2

o    QSC PLX2 Power amps

o    BiAmp Audia Processing

o    Three Clusters of 2 way Bose Speaker Cabinets with Sub Woofers

o    32x8 Snake with Passive Monitor Split Located Stage Left

Monitor System

o    (4) JBL MPro 212 Monitors

o    (1) QSC PLX 1602

o    (1) QSC MX1500a

o    (1) dbx 231 dual channel 1/3 octave graphic equalizer

o    (1) dbx 1231 single channel 1/3 octave graphic equalizer


o    (1) PreSonus ACP-88

o    (1) dbx 166XL

o    (2)  T.C. Electronics M-One Reverb

o    (1)  T.C. Electronics D-TWO Digital Delay

Media Playback

o    (2) Tascam CD-450 CD Players

o    (1) Tascam MD-350 Mini Disc Player/Recorder


o    (8) Shure ULXS Wireless Systems

o    (5) Shure SM 58 Handheld Transmitters

o    (8) ULX-1 Bodypack Transmitters

o    (8) WL 185 Lavalier Elements

o  (1) Audix D6 o  (1) Audix D4 o  (1) Audix i5

o    (2) Audix D2

o    (2) Audix ADX 51

o    (4) Crown PCC 160

o    (2) SM81 o        (7) SM58 o     (9) SM57

o    (1)  Beta 52

Misc. Sound

o (3) 16 Channel drop snake 50’

o (1)  8x4 drop snake 100’ (XLR returns)

o (1)  8x4 drop snake 100’ (TRS returns)

o (2) 16 Channel patch snake (XLR-M to XLR-F)

Show Power

o    Location: Up stage-right

•       400 amp - 208v 3 phase with Camlocks & Lugs

o    Location: Up stage-left

•       100 amp - 120v/208v 3 phase with Camlocks

•       20 amp - 120v Stage Pin & Edison connectors

Soft Goods - See Inventory

o    House Curtain - Traveler

o    Travelers & Side Tabs are dead hung

o    Borders are flyable


o    ** Note: This is not a full fly-height grid **

o    Grid Height: 38'

o    (17) Motorized fixed speed (20 ft/min) line shaft hoist system with cable winches


Loading Dock

o    Located on University Avenue across from 25 University Ave.

o    Single truck height dock with dock leveler

o    Loading dock is about 65' long x 17' wide at the narrowest

o    Elevators and Handicap Lifts

o    Freight Elevator

•       7' Wide x 10' Deep x 7' High

•       Capacity - 3000 lbs

•       Located at the loading dock, services stage level, dock level, and greenroom level

o    Stage-right Handicap Lift

•       Capacity - 750 lbs

•       Located stage-right, services house level and stage level

o    Greenroom Handicap Lift

•       Capacity - 750 lbs

•       Located on East side of greenroom, services greenroom level and first floor of Philips Building

o    Philips Building Passenger Elevator

•       Located on Administrative side of Philips Building


o (1) Steinway and Sons Model D 9 ft. Concert Grand Piano (Black)

 o (1) Boston Upright located in Green Room