Diane Greenwood, MSW, LCSW
WCU Coordinator of Philadelphia Site
Phone: 610-436-2551
Email: DGreenwood@wcupa.edu

WCU at PASSHE Center City
Mellon Independence Center
701 Market Street, Concourse Level
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Phone: 267-386-3001
Email: Info@pmuccenter.org

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The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) is the largest provider of higher education in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; comprising of 14 universities, four branches campuses, and two centers. PASSHE is committed to its core mission of providing quality education at an affordable cost. The System universities, located in rural, suburban, and small-town settings throughout Pennsylvania, educate more students per year than any other higher educational institution on the state.

PASSHE Center City offers universities an array of programs in one convenient location. For adult learners seeking easy access to quality, affordable learning, PASSHE Center City is an ideal resource.

Emergency Services

Building Evacuation

  • If you see a fire or other emergency requiring people to leave the building immediately, activate the building alarm
  • When the building evacuation alarm is activated, leave by the nearest marked exit (if deemed safe) and alert others to do the same. Know the location of the nearest fire exit and have an alternative exit pathway identified if your primary exit is blocked by smoke or flame
  • Take all personal belongings
  • When evacuation rooms/offices, do not close the door behind you
  • If it is safe for you to assist persons with disabilities or special needs, do so. If you are unable to assist, notify the Floor Warden of the location and number of disabled or special needs person located in your area
  • Do not use elevators!
  • Once outside, move a safe distance away from the building a proceed to the designated mustering point
  • Do not return to an evacuated building until the all clear sign is provided by the Fire Chief, a Police Officer, the Environmental Health and Safety Director, or other officer

Closings & Delays

For alerts and notifications:

  • Students: First check with you College/University or your instructor
  • Call (267) 386-3001 for a pre-recorded message
  • Visit PMUCenter.org
  • Tune into the following TV stations:
    NBC (10); ABC (06); CBS (03); FOX (15); CW (17)
  • Sign up for e2campus Emergency Notification System to get text or email alerts

Elevator Failure

In the event of an elevator entrapment specific, procedures are in place to expedite the release process of those entrapped. Building MGT or the security console officers will contact the building's elevator service provider to assist. They will immediately page and dispatch the "on-call" technician with an average response time of 20 to 30 minutes. The elevator cars are equipped with a two-way communication system for notifying the proper personnel.


  • Activate nearest fire alarm pull station
  • Evacuate the building
  • Do not re-enter the building until authorized by Emergency Personnel

Medical Emergencies

  • Dial 8-911
  • Do not attempt to move the person
  • Give your name; describe the nature and severity of the medical problem and the location of the victim
  • Follow the instructions provided to you by the professional on the phone
  • Stay with the victim. Enlist help from others
  • Stay on the line to continue to provide information regarding the victim. Don't hang up until told to do so
  • Render appropriate first aid for which you have been trained
  • Do not unnecessarily expose yourself to hazards including fire, electricity, chemicals, or bodily fluids, while rendering aid

Natural Disasters/Severe Weather

  • If an underground or designated shelter is not available, move to an interior room of hallway on the lowest floor and get besides, not under, a sturdy piece of furniture
  • Stay away from windows. DO NOT open windows
  • Any fire doors in hallways should be closed
  • Remain in the safe area until all danger has passed
  • If the facility is damaged, evacuate after the storm passes and stay clear of the damaged area. Be aware of fallen debris, downed power lines and gas leaks
  • Follow directives of emergency personnel/PMUC personnel

Suspicious Objects

  • Do not touch of disturb the object
  • Call Philadelphia Police at 8-911
  • Notify your supervisor, faculty or staff member immediately
  • Be prepared to evacuate

Suspicious Person

  • Do not confront the person
  • Do not let anyone into a locked building/office
  • If the individual is inside, do not block the person's access to an exit
  • Call 8-911. Provide as much information as possible about the person and their direction of travel

Utility Failure (Power, Flooding, Gas)

  • Move cautiously to a lighted area. Exists may be indicated by lighted signs
  • Contact Security at (215) 238-9777 to report the problem

Violent Criminal Behavior

  • Seek sanctuary by proceeding to a room that can be locked, close and lock all windows and doors and turn off all lights OR exit the building if safe conditions exist
  • Get down on the floor and ensure that no one is visible from outside the room. Try to remain calm
  • Call 8-911 and advise the dispatcher of the events, inform him/her of your location and remain in place until the police give the "all clear." If you are unable to speak to the dispatcher leave the line open so they can listen to what is taking place
  • If the violent intruder leaves the area, proceed immediately to a safer place and do not touch anything that was in the vicinity of the intruder