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C. James Trotman Donates Proceeds from Book Sales to WCU's Frederick Douglass Statue Project

February 23, 2011

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Wake up With Bill, WURD 900 AM, 2/23/11

C. James Trotman has announced that proceeds from the sale of his recently published book, "Frederick Douglass: A Biography" will go towards the completion of a statue commemorating Frederick Douglass on West Chester University's campus - site of the abolitionist's last public lecture in 1895.

Trotman, founder of the University's Frederick Douglass Institute, was the force behind establishing Frederick Douglass Institutes at colleges within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

The statue's creator, Richard Blake, is a sculptor and member of the faculty at West Chester University. The statue is unique in that it portrays Douglass as a young man.

"Frederick Douglass' gave his last public lecture on the University's campus 19 days before he died. He was frequent guest in the town of West Chester, visiting every decade after his escape from slavery in 1838," says Trotman.

An important dimension that Trotman's book brings to light is Douglass' spiritual life. "It's an important part of his legacy," he said. He explores the roots and expressions of Douglass' spirituality throughout his life.

"Frederick Douglass: A Biography" may be purchased through Amazon. To receive news about the Institute, including a fundraising event scheduled for the spring, visit

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