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Expert Profile:

Name: Sandra Fowkes-Godek
Department: Sports Medicine
Title: Professor
Phone: 6104362342
Areas of Expertise: Heat stroke, fatigue, hydration in college and professional athletes. Core temperatures, sweat sodium losses.
Comments: Individualized sodium supplementation in NFL players with a history of muscle cramping during pre-season training (Working with the Philadelphia Eagles during training camp 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007). Core temperatures and sweat sodium losses in professional ice hockey players during practices and games. (Currently working with the Philadelphia Flyers and Phantoms). Real-time physiological responses in NHL players during ice hockey players using the LifeShirt Technology (Currently working with Vivometrics and the Philadelphia Flyers and Phantoms). Currently working with the NFLPA to coordinate and administer a Multi-site NFL HEAT Study to evaluate core temperatures, hydration status, and environmental and practice conditions in professional football players during pre-season practices.