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WCU Proudly Unveils Its New Logo!


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WCU Proudly Unveils Its New Logo!

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In addition to the two-color version above, the logo can be used in one color (purple or black), as well as a reversed version when it is used against purple or other dark backgrounds.

Development of the New Logo

In spring 2012, concurrent with the strategic planning process, Dr. Greg Weisenstein, president, invited the Marketing Committee to develop a new logo for West Chester University to give WCU’s main graphic image a fresh, updated look.

Several members of the Marketing Committee organized a plan for creating the new design including distribution of a survey late last spring semester to collect input and ideas from WCU’s faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Over the summer, the responses were summarized and used to define the qualities and traits these constituencies wanted to see in a new logo, as well as the images that best depict WCU. Based on that input, the University’s graphic artists began developing ideas, which the Marketing Committee narrowed down and submitted to President’s Cabinet and the Council of Trustees. Eventually the logo unveiled on this website stood out from the rest as the overwhelming favorite based on its strength, simplicity, and flexibility of use. Prior to adoption this spring, the final design was shared with a range of stakeholder representatives including Student Government, department chairs, Faculty Senate, the Alumni Association, selected community leaders, and campus governing boards. The reaction of these groups was overwhelmingly positive.


Credit for the original logo concept and design goes to Erica Thompson, management technician in the Office of Publications and Printing Services. Joan Lordan, graphic designer in the Graphics and Printing Department, then revised and refined the logo to its final image. Logo subcommittee members included the following: Ed Lordan, professor of communication studies; Peggy Hill, associate professor of art; Mark Pavlovich, vice president for advancement and research and sponsored programs; Pam Sheridan, director of public relations and marketing; and Matt Born, director of publications and printing services. Eli Silberman, a Council of Trustees member and nationally acclaimed expert in advertising and marketing, also provided critical input.

Thanks to Kim Slattery and Tim Ponticello in Web Services for setting up the new logo website, and to Melissa Rudolph in Public Relations and Marketing for gathering the old logos through the decades and her work with the social media aspect of the logo rollout.

In addition, thank you to the hundreds of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and board members who participated in the initial survey and/or focus groups that saw the logo and provided valuable comments.

Process for Replacing the Previous Logo

Over the summer, the University will begin phasing in the new logo on various print materials, including stationery and business cards; the website; clothing and other merchandise; and new banners for the campus, among other projects. Click on the Stationery button to see how the University’s official letterhead, envelopes, and business cards will look. Anyone who wants to order new stationery can do so through the regular work-order process in Graphics and Printing.

Please note that this new WCU logo is replacing the University's logo, which was a depiction of Philips Memorial Building (click on Past Logos to see the former logo). It does not replace the athletic ram logo. The athletic logo will remain unchanged.

Use of the New Logo

Anyone interested in using the new logo for print or other purposes should contact Matt Born in the Office of Publications and Printing Services at 610-436-2231 or, or Rob McGuckin in the Graphics and Printing Department, 610-436-2781 or

In an effort to avoid wasting valuable University resources, please do not discard current quantities of materials that include the retired logo. While most major publications and advertising will quickly incorporate the new design, the complete transition will take some time, so there is no need to discard materials just because they carry the old logo.

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