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Student Grade Appeals

  • If you think that a grade you have received is incorrect, that is, you are questioning the instructor's decision, the first step is to talk to the instructor directly.
  • If this isn't satisfactory, then you can use the University's Grade Appeals Policy, which is found in the Undergraduate Catalog's Academic Policies and Procedures within the Grade Information section.
  • If you believe you've been given a grade that you shouldn't have been given, for example if you didn't attend a class at all but received an "F", then you can file a written appeal in the Registrar's Office explaining the situation.


Final grades (except for "NG" grades) can be changed only when there is a clerical or computational error. Course work for final grades should be submitted by the ninth week of the following semester. Grade changes submitted after the tenth week must be approved by the dean of the respective school or college and the Assistant to the Associate Provost.

Faculty Grade Changes

The new Online Change of Grade Workflow process is now available in myWCU. Before submitting any change of grade requests, please visit the Faculty Portal for Change of Grade Information and Documentation. The Registrar's Office is asking that all future requests be made using the new online process in myWCU. Please note: paper forms for change of grade requests will only be accepted in the event grading is not available for a student via the grade roster.