Space Management

West Chester University

Contact Info
Janine Taylor and Shaleia Rogers
25 University Avenue
West Chester, PA, 19383
Phone: 610-436-2252

Guidelines for Reserving Facilities

General Information

All events utilizing University facilities must be reserved in advance. Most University facilities can be reserved through the R25 Events Scheduler. Requests to use University facilities should be made at least one (1) month prior to the event. Events requiring support services must make arrangements at least two (2) weeks prior to the event with the appropriate departments. Examples of Support Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Custodial Services (continuous and/or post-event clean up)
  • Logistical Support Services (delivering tables/chairs, staging, etc., to event location
  • Grounds (pre-event: setting up additional trash receptacles, lining fields for game use; post-event: collecting trash, repairing fields, etc.)
  • Plant Operations (setup/tear down: tarps, tents, staging; continuous on-site: electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc.)
  • Public Safety (pre-event: event parking consultation; continuous: traffic control, event supervision)
  • Technical Support (AV equpiment and technical support is handled in an ad hoc manner.)

Reservation Requests:


Students reserve facilities through the Sykes Student Union Information Desk (610-436-2984). This includes student-owned facilities (student union, residence halls, etc.), and academic facilities.

Student organizations may ask their faculty advisor for assistance in reserving academic facilities through the R25 Events Scheduler.

Employee (Faculty/Staff):

Faculty and Staff may reserve academic facilities for WCU related and/or sponsored events via the R25 Events Scheduler.

If the event planned is not University realted or if it is a Conference or Workshop, the faculty/staff member planning the event must go through the Office of Conference Services for event reservations at 610-436-6931.

External Groups:

The University, from time to time, is able to provide facilities to support other non-University events. Inquiries can be made through the Office of Conference Services (610-436-6931) by individuals/associations without University sponsorship. Alumni should contact the Office of Alumni Relations (610-436-2813) and/or the Office of Conference Services for assistance with their needs.

Set-up/Clean Up Responsbilities

The organization/group utilizing space is responsible for making proper and timely arrangements for the setting-up and tearing-down of chairs, tables, risers, CLEAN-UP, etc., with the appropriate support departments which typically provide these services. University facilities used for an event must be restored to original condition at the end of the event. Time should be included in the tentative reservation to allow for set-up and clean-up. If overtime of University support personnel is required, the organization/group needing the service may be liable for the expenses incurred to provide the service. The Facilities Division has the right to assign sufficient overtime support to assure that facilities used are restored. Likewise, Public Safety has the right to assign sufficient staff to provide adequate support for scheduled events.

Support Service Departments are concerned about providing adequate, efficient support to events. Prompt feedback would be appreciated by these departments from organizations/groups requesting support so that ongoing adjustments can be made to improve quality.