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Facility Reservation and Usage Policy

  1. Overview:
  2. This policy contains information regarding:
    Event Planning / Reservation Requests / Fees / Setting and Cleaning up / Reservation Modifications / Required Additional Approval / Confirmations / Event Cancellation / Food Service / Alcohol / Smoking / Safety / Assignment Conflicts.
  3. Purpose:
    1. The purpose of this policy is to ensure equitable, appropriate usage of WCU facilities, and to protect individuals and university assets.
    2. Non-compliance with this or any policy referenced within will result in denial of further requests for the facility.
  4. Policy:
    1. Event Planning
      1. The requester should submit reservation requests for WCU facilities at least one (1) month prior to the event.
      2. Rain dates and/or rain locations may be requested when the original event request is submitted to anticipate possible inclement weather.
      3. For events requiring support services, the requester must make arrangements at least two (2) weeks prior to the event with the appropriate department.
      4. Support service departments include, but are not limited to:
        • Custodial Services (continuous and/or post-event clean up),
        • Logistical Services (delivering tables/chairs, staging, etc., to event location),
        • Grounds (pre-event: setting up additional trash receptacles, lining fields for game use; post-event: collecting trash, repairing fields, etc.),
        • Plant Operations (setup/tear down: tarps, tents, staging; continuous on-site: electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc.),
        • Public Safety (pre-event: event parking consultation; continuous: traffic control, event supervision),
        • Technical Support (AV equipment and technical support is handled in an ad hoc manner).
      5. Time should be included in the tentative reservation to allow for setting up before and cleaning up after the event.
    2. Reservation Requests
      1. Students:
        • Students reserve student-owned (student union, residence halls, etc.) and academic facilities through the Sykes Student Union Information Desk (610-436-2984) or via the R25 Web Viewer.
      2. Employees (Faculty/Staff):
        • Employees tentatively reserve academic facilities for University Related and University Sponsored events via the R25 Events Scheduler (See Section II of the "Facility Use Policy" for definitions).
        • Assistance with the R25 Events Scheduler is provided online here and by the Office of Space Management and Calendar (SMAC).
        • If the facility is not listed int he R25 Events Scheduler, then the requester should contact the applicable office for that space (See the "Faculty Contact List).
        • Employees contact the Director of Sykes Student Union to request a student-owned facility.
        • If the event is not University Related, for example a Conference or Workshop, the employee contacts the Office of Conference Services (610-436-6931) for a reservation.
      3. External Groups:
        • WCU occasionally is able to provide facilities to support other non-University events.
        • Inquiries can be made through the Office of Conference Services (610-436-6931) by individuals/associations without University sponsorship.
      4. WCU Alumni:
        • WCU Alumni should contact the Office of Alumni Relations (610-436-2813) and/or the Office of Conference Services for assistance with their needs.
    3. Fees:
      1. Fees may be charged per Section III of the "Facility Use Policy".
      2. If the support service department requires personnel overtime to facilitate the event, the requester may be liable for this expense.
        • The Facilities Division has the right to assign sufficient overtime support to ensure that the event is properly set and cleaned up.
        • Public Safety has the right to assign sufficient staff to provide adequate support for scheduled events.
    4. Setting and Cleaning up:
      1. Facilities must be restored to the original condition, at the end of the event.
      2. The organization/group utilizing space must arrange for the setting and cleaning up (tearing-down of chairs, tables, risers, cleaning, etc.) with the appropriate support service department.
    5. Reservation Modifications:
      1. The requester is unable to alter the event information, once the tentative reservation is accepted intot he M204 Room Booking System.
      2. If modifications or cancellations need to be made, then the requester must contact the applicable office (see "Facility Contact List") via email or phone, and provide the event code and any needed modifications.
      3. If the event has already been confirmed, then any changes may result in downgrading the status to "tentative" until the new conditions are considered.
    6. Required Additional Approval:
    7. Prior to confirmation, additional approval is required for events in or on the following facilities:
      • Location of event:
      • Swope Hall
      • Alumni House
      • Philips Memorial Building
      • Outside area events (Athletic fields, the Quad, etc.)
      • Gymnasiums
      • Approver:
      • Dean, School of Music
      • Alumni and Special Events Director
      • Cultural Affairs Office, or Assistant to the Vice President of Administrative and Fiscal Affairs
      • Manager of Grounds Maintenance and the primary user(s) of the area, Director of Athletics, Director of Recreational Services, Dean of Health Sciences
      • The applicable Facility Administrator, Director of Athletics, Director of Recreational Services, and Dean of Health Sciences.
    8. Confirmations
      1. SMAC will notify the Requester and any applicable support service departments of the reservation confirmation.
      2. This notification does not serve as a request or guarantee of services from support service department.
      3. Events may not be advertised nor may they be considered scheduled until a confirmed reservation notification is received from SMAC.
    9. Event Cancellation:
      1. WCU reserves the right to cancel any scheduled event.
      2. Outdoor events may be cancelled due to inclement weather.
      3. Indoor events may be cancelled due to lateness of the request, lack of sufficient support staff to provide adequate coverage for the event, space/time conflicts, etc.
      4. SMAC will work with the requester of cancelled events in an attempt to relocate or reschedule rather than cancel.
    10. Food Service:
      1. Since some facilities have special guidelines for food, the Facility Administrator must approve serving food prior to the event.
      2. No food or beverage is permitted in the following theatres/auditoriums:
        • Philips Auditorium (PHL-108)
        • Main Hall Auditorium (MNH-168)
        • Swope Auditorium (SWO-096)
        • Schmucker Auditorium (SSL-C100)
        • Merion Lecture Hall (MER-112)
        • Merion Lecture Hall (MER-113)
    11. Alcohol:
      1. Alcoholic beverages are generally not permitted in or on WCU Facilities (See the WCU "Alcohol and Drugs Policy").
      2. Special permission for the serving of alcoholic beverages must be endorsed by the appropriate Vice President and approved by the WCU President prior to the event.
    12. Smoking:
      1. All WCU facilities are non-smoking.
      2. Contact the Facility Administrator for information regarding the designated smoking areas for specific buildings.
    13. Safety
      1. Legal occupancy figures for every classroom, lecture hall, and meeting space have been determined and distributed by the Fire Marshal.
      2. Special decorations must be approved by the Fire Marshal.
      3. Open flames are not permitted in any facility.
    14. Assignment Conflicts
      1. Facilities or space assignment conflicts will be adjudicated by SMAC.
      2. Appeals may be made through the appropriate Vice President(s) for resolution.