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Transfer Credit Evaluation Process

After you have been admitted to WCU, your official transcripts will be evaluated, and a course credit evaluation will be sent to you, generally within 14 days. Please note that this is the only transfer credit evaluation you will receive. Additional updates can only be reviewed by accessing your MyWCU account.

Transfer credit evaluations are completed on a course-by-course basis. Each course on your official transcripts will be assigned an equivalency. There are three (3) main types of equivalencies:

  1. Specific course equivalency: This is when a transfer course is equivalent to a specific course at WCU. Examples: PSY 100, BIO 100, WRT 120, etc.
  2. Subject-specific electives: This is credit that is specific to a subject but NOT a specific course at WCU. The number 199 is paired with a specific subject to reflect this. Examples: PSY 199, BIO 199, PHI 199, etc.
  3. General transfer equivalency: This equivalency is used when the course is not equivalent to a specific course OR subject at WCU. This equivalency is TRN 199. Please note: This course equivalency does NOT fulfill any specific degree requirements. It only counts towards the 120 credits needed to graduate.
  4. Rejected equivalency: This equivalency is used for credits that are not accepted by WCU. There are several reasons why a course would be rejected, and each reason is given a code:
    • RM= Remedial credit
    • NG= No Grade
    • NC= Non-College credit (Example: Freshman seminars)
    • NE= No Equivalent
    • GL= Grade Low

              OT= Other             

              DC= Duplicate Credit

Please review the sample course credit evaluation (PDF).

Please note that your course credit evaluation is a preliminary evaluation. You have the ability to appeal your course credit evaluation and to have your transfer credits re-evaluated by the appropriate academic department. For example, to have a psychology course re-evaluated, you would submit a request to the Psychology department. To have a course re-evaluated, you must submit a Transfer Credit Appeal Form, along with the required documentation.