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SUNY Potsdam

Course Number Course Title WCU EQUIVALENT Date Updated
ANTA100 Riddles of the Past ANT103
ANTA362 Hist Archaeology ANT360
ANTA398 Rise & Fall Anc Egypt ANT199
ANTC102 Intro Cult Anth ANT102
ANTC320 X Cult Mental Hlt ANT405
ANTP101 Human Org & Lecture ANT101
ANTP101 Human Org Lab ANT199
ANTH391 Theory & Method ANAT199
ARTH100 Idea & Image ARH101
BUSI310 Strategic Mgt MGT499
MATH125 Prob & Stat MAT121
MATH135 MAT107
MUCB302 Theory I MTC110
MULP103 Class Voice I VOI181
MUS101 Music Theory Lab MTC110
MUS103 Class Voice I VOI181
MUS163 Beginning Voice VCM199
MUS175 Music Ensemble: Chorus CHO199
MUS176 Music Ensemble: Chorus CHO199
PSY151 General Psychology I PSY100
PSY152 General Psychology II PSY199
PSY252 Child Development EDE251
SOC151 Intro Sociology SOC200
SOC254 Deviant Behavior SOC351