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Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer

West Chester University offers Technology Transfer and Commercialization services for faculty, students and staff of the University through a cooperative effort with the State System office and the Penn State Research Foundation.

Intellectual Property

If a WCU faculty member is funded by a federal agency, and that faculty member produces intellecutal property from that project, they are obligated to inform the office of sponsored research, via an invention disclosure, and we will then inform the sponsoring agency within two months of that disclosure.

Time line and guidance table for invention Reporting

Intellectual Property Training Webinar



Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is the process of transferring scientific findings from one organization to another for the purpose of further development and commercialization. The process typically includes:

  • Identifying new technologies
  • Protecting technologies through patents and copyrights
  • Forming development and commercialization strategies such as marketing and licensing to existing private sector companies

For more inormation, visit the link below:

PASSHE Technology Transfer and Commercialization Website