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B.A. in Mathematics

120 semester hours

  1. General ed. requirements, see pages 37-41 (48 semester hours)
  2. Foreign language requirement (0-6 semester hours). At the 200 level
  3. Related requirements (11 semester hours)
    CSC 141* and PHY 170*-180
    *Satisfies general education requirement.
  4. Major requirements (25 semester hours)
    MAT 161, 162, 200, 261, 311*, 411, 421, and 441
    *Satisfies general education requirement.
  5. Electives in mathematics (21 semester hours)
    Selected from upper-division mathematics courses, one in each of the areas of algebra, analysis, and applied mathematics

Requirement of a Minor

Students in the B.A. degree program are required to complete either a minor or, with the approval of the student's adviser and the Department of Mathematics chairperson, an additional nine credit hours of upper-division mathematics. The discipline chosen for the minor will reflect a student's post-baccalaureate goals. The department recommends completing a minor in the natural sciences (astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, geology, and physics), computer science, economics, or finance, but other minors may be selected with the approval of the student's adviser and the mathematics chairperson.

All math major courses must be pased with a C- or better.