Department of Mathematics

West Chester University

Mathematics Information
Office: Room 101
25 University Avenue
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone (610) 436-2440
Fax (610) 738-0578
Email: Department Chair

Faculty and Staff Phone List

All phone numbers are area code 610.
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Mathematics Department, General Enquiries

Name Phone Email
Glidden, Peter Chair 436-3495
Kolpas, Allison Coordinator of the BS programs in Industrial and Computational Mathematics,
Assistant Chair
Malarney, Sally Secretary 436-2440

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Name Phone Email
Aristotelous, Andreas 436-3495
Bowen, Brian 436-2351
Crossett, Andrew 436-2613
Fisher, Michael 430-4196
Gallitano, Gail Graduate Coordinator for the MA in Mathematics 436-2452
Gallop, Robert 436-2419
Gupta, Shiv 436-3459
Ilaria, Daniel Mathematics BSED Coordinator 436-3248
Johnson, Kim 436–3249
Johnston, Clifford 738-0432
Junius, Premalatha 436-2199
Kump, Joann 436-2632
Li, Chuan 436-1081
Marano, Lisa Elaine Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance Programs Coordinator 738-0585
McAneny, Taffy 436-1078
McClintock, Scott Coordinator of the BS program in Statistics 430-4963
McKibben, Mark Graduate Coordinator for the MS in Applied and Computational Mathematics 436–2148
McLaughlin, Jimmy 430-4417
Miller, Emily K. 436-2436
Nitica, Viorel Mathematics BA Coordinator 430-4411
Parsell, Scott 436-3465
Rieger, Randall Applied Statistics Graduate Coordinator 436-2893
Short, Tom 436-2369
Sullivan, Rosemary 430-4418
Szymanski, Waclaw 430-5338
Tan, Lin 436-3455
Zimmer, Peter 436-2696

Temporary and Adjunct Faculty

Name Phone Email
Ayambem, Natalie 430-5670
Cheung, Carrie 430-3226
Clemons, Michael 430-2069
D'Angelo, Louis 430-5670
Gutshall, Eileen 436-3226
Honig, Hal 430-4970
Hughes, Alan 436-2686
Laurelli, Carmen 430-4970
Messere, Beth 436-2440
Perkoski, Andre 436-3226
Pyott, Laura 436-5670
Quintana, Gregory 430-4970
Traverso, Dave 436-2295
Walsh, John 430-2069
Warren, Jamie 430-5670
Wildrick, John 430-3226

Retired/Emiritus Faculty

Name Phone Email
Branton, Richard Retired
Grosshans, Frank Retired
Jackson, Kathleen Retired
Kerrigan, John Retired
L'Heureux, James Retired jl'
Milliman, Frank Retired
Moser, Joseph Retired
Wolfson, Paul Retired