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Mathematics Department Faculty and Staff Information

All phone numbers are area code 610.

Those denoted by an asterisk* are faculty in the graduate program for Applied Statistics.

Name Phone Email
Bowen, Brian 436-2351
Crossett, Andrew* 436-2613
Fisher, Michael 430-4196
Gallitano, Gail 436-2452
Gallop, Robert* 436-2419
George, Whitney 436-2199
Glidden, Peter 436-3495
Gupta, Shiv 436-3459
Ilaria, Daniel 436-3248
Jackson, Kathleen 436-2537
Johnston, Clifford 738-0432
Kolpas, Allison 430-4964
Marano, Lisa Elaine  738-0585
McClintock, Scott* 430-4963
McLaughlin, Jimmy 430-4417
Moser, Joseph 436-2436
Nitica, Viorel 430-4411
Parsell, Scott 436-3465
Rieger, Randall* 436-2893
Sullivan, Rosemary 430-4418
Szymanski, Waclaw 430-5338
Tan, Lin 436-3455
Wolfson, Paul 436-1081
Zimmer, Peter 436-2696

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Statistics Advisory Board

The Statistics Advisory Board includes professors from multiple West Chester University  departments and leaders from regional research companies such as Astrazeneca, ,Centocor, Dupont, Glaxo-Smithkline, Merck and Wyeth.  For further information, contact Dr. Randall Rieger, 610 436-2893,






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