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Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities

The purpose of the financial aid program at West Chester University is to provide financial assistance and counseling. Financial Aid is a supplement to a family's contribution and is to be used to help meet the tuition costs.

Since West Chester University is a state-owned institution, tuition and fees are reasonable when compared to those of privately owned institutions. Through grants and scholarships, student employment opportunities, or loans, students may be able to secure monies to defray their educational expenses. West Chester University's Financial Aid Office offers a publication titles "Financing Youth Education – Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities for First Year and Transfer Students". Questions concerning financial aid may be directed to the Office of Financial Aid, 138 Elsie O. Bull Center, West Chester University, West Chester, PA 19383, 610-436-2627. Office hours are from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


CLASS OF 1943 MATH SCHOLARSHIP. This scholarship was initiated by two Class of 1943 members to improve the teaching of math on the middle school and secondary levels. It is awarded annually to an undergraduate who intends to teach mathematics, exhibits excellence in that discipline, and will help foster the job of problem solving in others. Applications are made through the Department of Mathematics.

CLASS OF 1957 SCHOLARSHIP. This fund was established by the Class of 1957 to assist entering freshmen with demonstrated exemplary achievement in mathematics or science and English. Application forms are available through the Office of Financial Aid.

DR. AND MRS. ALBERT E. FILANO MATHEMATICS SCHOLARSHIP. Dr. Filano served the University for more than 35 years as a mathematics professor, department chair, division director, academic vice president, interim president, and adviser to the Newman Center. The scholarship fund was established as part of the naming of Filano Hall, dedicated on August 19, 2000, the 50th wedding anniversary of Dr. Albert E. and Mary Rita Filano. The scholarship is awarded to an incoming student majoring in mathematics with a demonstrated commitment to the community through service/volunteerism. It is renewable if the recipient remains a mathematics major and maintains a GPA of at least 2.70.

MICHAEL P. MONTEMURO MATH SCHOLARSHIP. This scholarship was established by the Montemuro family in memory of math professor Dr. Michael P. Montemuro. A $1,000 scholarship for tuition will be awarded to an incoming freshman who is enrolled in the B.S.Ed. degree program in mathematics. Selection by a Department of Mathematics committee will be based on the high school record of the candidates, including SAT scores, class rank, courses, grades, and recommendations.

The Professor Mark Wiener Award. This is given in recognition of superior academic achievement for a student minoring in elementary school mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics Scholarship Program . These awards, several in number, are in recognition of academic achievement of undergraduates majoring in mathematics. The Department of Mathematics Scholarship Program was founded in 1974 by Dr. James L'heureux and he has served as its treasurer since that time.

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