Mid-Atlantic European Union Simulation

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Peter Loedel
Phone: 610-436-3435
Ruby Jones Hall 205

About Us

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Mid-Atlantic European Union Simulation Consortium (MEUS) was created in 1993 with three schools—Gettysburg College, Millersville University, and Susquehanna University—and only thirty-four students.

Today, with 20 years of simulations and over 1,500 students through the simulation process, MEUSC continues to provide a high quality experiential learning program: a three- day simulation of the European Union’s decision-making institutions and policy-making procedures. MEUSC’s EU simulation program can be viewed as nothing less than an overwhelming success, particularly in terms of its unique ability to help college students merge academic knowledge about the European Union with practical application in EU politics and policy making -- literally bringing the EU to life for college-level students.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Mid-Atlantic European Union Simulation Consortium includes:

Dr. Gretchen van Dyke
University of Scranton, (570) 941-4307
Dr. Peter Loedel
West Chester University, (610) 436-3435
Dr. Andreas Sobisch
John Carroll University, (216) 397-4183

Participating Institutions and Faculty

This European Union Simulation would be impossible without unwavering commitment of the faculty advisors and their respective institutions. In turn, MEUS faculty have often identified the EU Simulation program as an effective tool in bridging international and comparative political theory and reality for the students, and have noted the intellectual stimulation that the EU Simulation program has brought to their own careers as teachers and scholars.

While the membership of MEUSC varies slightly over time, most participating colleges and universities have been committed to it for many years. The 2013 Mid-Atlantic European Union Simulation involved the following faculty and institutions: