Psychology Department




Farzin Irani

Farzin Irani, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Drexel University


Office Phone #: 610-436-2271

Office Room#: People’s Building 46


Preferred means of contact: Email


Fall 2016 Office Hours:

Monday                      10:00am - 2:00pm

Tuesday & Thursday    9::00am - 9:30am


Courses taught:

PSY 246 – Research Methods
PSY 375 – Abnormal Psychology
PSY 400 – Senior Seminar in Clinical Neuropsychology
PSY 544 – Intelligence Testing

PSY 605 – Biological Bases of Behavior


Description of research interests :  

I am a clinical neuropsychologist whose research has focused on understanding brain-behavior relationships across the lifespan in diverse individuals. I believe that assessments and treatments for brain disorders need to be empirically supported, informed by their neurobiological underpinnings and understood in a cultural context. So, my lab group has focused on research that integrates traditional and computerized neuropsychological assessment with modern neuroimaging methods in diverse populations. My current line of research is focused on examining the relationship between asthma and brain-behavior functions. We are currently running studies looking at how asthma affects thinking, and how and why it disproportionately affects some groups more than others. We are also planning studies looking at the impact of asthma and other conditions on the brain as measured through cognitive testing and cutting-edge neuroimaging technologies such as functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS). Further details about our lab are available at the Neuropsychology Research Group (NRG) website.

Some representative work:

Irani, F., Barbone, J., Beausoliel, J. & Gerald, L.  Is asthma associated with cognitive impairments? A meta-analytic review. In prep.  


Irani, F., Brensinger, C.M., Richard, J., Calkins, M.E., Moberg, P.J., Bilker, W.B., Gur, R.E., & Gur, R.C. (2012). Computerized neurocognitive test performance in schizophrenia: A lifespan analysis. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 20(1),41-52.


Romero, H., Lageman, S., Kamath, V., Irani, F., Sim, A., Surez, P., Manly, J., & Attix, D. (2010). Proceedings of the challenges in the neuropsychological assessment of ethnic minorities: Problem solving summit. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 23,761-779.


Irani, F., Sweet, L., Haley, A., Gunstad, J., Jerskey, B., Mulligan, R.C., Jefferson, A., Poppas, A., & Cohen, R. (2009). An fMRI study of verbal working memory, cardiac output, and ejection fraction in elderly patients with cardiovascular disease. Brain Imaging and Behavior, 3,350-357.

Irani, F., Platek, S.M., Bunce, S., Ruocco, A.C. & Chute, D. (2007). Applications of functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) to neurobehavioral disorders. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 21, 9-


Teaching philosophy:

I love research and mentoring and try to excite students about research and try to excite students about the science and practice of psychology.  I believe that we are all unique and can continuously strive twoards academic excellence!