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What is the “Enrollment Appointment” that appears on my MyWCU page? Is that an appointment with my academic advisor?

No, it is not an appointment with your advisor.  It is the first day/hour that you are permitted to register for course for the next semesterYou should see your advisor before this day/time so that you can plan out a schedule and so that your advisor can “unlock” your account.


How can I find out who my academic advisor is?

Your academic advisor (and his/her phone number) is listed on your MyWCU page (on the right side of the page).


How can I find out when my advisor has office hours?

You may contact them directly (via phone, as listed on your MyWCU page, or via e-mail).  A list of all Psychology faculty is also available outside the Psychology Department Office (PB 02). The list includes the names of all department faculty, their office locations, their phone numbers, their e-mail addresses, and a list of their office hours for the current semester.


Why is there an advisor hold on my account?  I can’t register for courses with this hold.

Because students are required to be in contact with their advisors before they attempt to schedule courses.  Your advisor will have to “unlock” your account after you’ve spoken to them regarding your scheduling plans, etc.


Why is there an advisor hold on my account for the semester I am graduating?

The advisor hold is an automatic process. It does not distinguish between graduating and non-graduating students. In addition, if you have financial aid, you are required to complete an exit interview.


My advisor unlocked my access to scheduling but I still can’t enroll in classes. Why?

You may have a hold on your account. Holds can be placed on accounts by the Registrar’s Office for a number of reasons. For example, if you have an outstanding bill at the Student Health and Wellness Center or you have not returned an overdue library book or you have unpaid parking tickets, your access to scheduling will be blocked. You should contact the Bursar’s Office to pay an outstanding obligations.


What’s the difference between dropping a course and withdrawing from a course?




How do I calculate my GPA (cumulative or major)?


How do I appeal a grade?


My GPA is below 2.0 and I received a letter indicating that I am on academic probation.  What should I do now?


What is the university policy with respect to plagiarism and academic dishonesty?  What are the penalties and what should I do if I am accused of cheating by a professor?


Is there a limit on the number of courses I can repeat?


If I repeat a course, how are both grades counted?


Can I repeat a course at another university?


What courses can I take pass/fail?


I heard that if I have an A in a course, I don’t have to take the final exam. Is this true?


How do I make the dean’s list?




Why do I have to take a foreign language and how many courses do I have to take?

The foreign language requirement is a degree requirement. That is, a foreign language is required for all Bachelor of Arts students. There are multiple ways to meet the foreign language requirement for Psychology majors. One way is to pass any language course at the 202 level. If you were to begin studying a language at the Introductory (101) level, this would involve taking 4 courses: 101, 102, 201, and 202. Four courses are not absolutely necessary, however.  If you have a strong enough language background to skip some of the earlier courses (e.g., 101 and/or 102), you may do so. You just need to pass the 202 level. The other possibility is to pass any language at the 102 level (taking 101 and 102 or just 102) and then take culture cluster courses. You must take culture cluster courses that are consistent with the language you studied (i.e., Spanish culture clusters, French culture clusters, German culture clusters, etc.). If your last language course is at the 102 level (the minimum required), you must take 3 culture cluster courses. If you complete/pass a language course at the 201 level, you may take 2 culture cluster courses instead of the 202 language course.


I took a Math statistics course.  Do I still have to take a Psychology statistics course?

That depends. If you have a math course (other than statistics) that can meet the General Education requirement (i.e., MAT 103 or higher) in addition to the MAT 121 (Statistics) course, then you may, with permission, use the MAT 121 course toward the Psychology statistics requirement. However, if you do so you will have to take an extra Psy elective as 48 Psychology credits are required for the Psychology degree. If the statistics course (MAT 121) is the only Math course you’ve completed, it cannot count toward both your General Education math requirement and the Psychology statistics requirement. You need to either take the Psychology statistics course (Psy 245) or you need to take another math course to meet your General Education requirement. If you choose to take another math course, you will still need to take an additional Psychology elective (as 48 Psychology credits are required for the Psychology degree).



What do I have to do to prepare for graduation? How do I apply for graduation?


I have completed all of my specific degree requirements.  Why can’t I graduate?

Because you have not completed 120 credits (the minimum number of credits required for graduation from any PA state university).


I have completed 120 credits.  Why can’t I graduate?

Because you have not completed all of your specific requirements (see the advising sheet for specific requirements).


What GPA is required to receive graduation honors?



Can I take courses at another university and transfer the credit?  How many credits can I transfer?


I took a diversity/writing emphasis/interdisciplinary course at my previous university and the course transferred in to WCU. Why do I have to take another?  Why are some courses recognized as interdisciplinary courses?

Diverse Community (J) and Writing Emphasis (W) designations do not transfer in to WCU.  There is no way for WCU to know if the courses at another university actually meet all of the criteria required for those designations at WCU. The same is sometimes true for Interdisciplinary (I) courses. That is, some transfer courses are given “199” credit instead of the standard course credit because the appropriate standard course is an interdisciplinary course at WCU (and if credit for the standard course is given, the interdisciplinary , “I”, designation would automatically apply). This happens if WCU is unable to determine if the course being transferred in actually meets all of the criteria for an “I” designation. If a course transfers in, however, as a course that is a recognized interdisciplinary (I) course at WCU, the “I” designation does apply. 

If you believe that one of your transfer courses should earn the “J”, “W”, or “I” designations, you may petition the university for it.  Please see your advisor of the department chairperson or assistant chairperson for assistance with this process.




Does WCU offer any scholarships?  If so, how can I apply?


I’m planning to buy a computer to use for my school work.  Is there a particular type of computer I need to buy?  Or, are there specific requirements I need to consider?


Can I take a graduate course?