Strategic Planning & Resource Council

West Chester University




The Strategic Planning and Resource Council (SPRC), is made up of faculty, administrators, staff and a student representative.  Our hope is that our presence on the web will enable us to fulfill SPRC's mission to help keep the Plan for Excellence a living document in the life of students, staff, faculty, administration and community of West Chester University.

Since its inception in May 2001, SPRC has actively engaged in the following charges:

  1. Monitored the Plan for Excellence;
  2. Kept the University community informed about plan implementation;
  3. Sought input from the university community;
  4. Made recommendations about the progress of the plan;
  5. Assisted the University, through communication with the President's Cabinet, in understanding when major changes to the plan are needed.

This website provides a host of information to support the Plan for Excellence. By following the links to the left you will be able to stay updated on the Plan for Excellence, the transformation initiatives of the plan, and SPRC, the committee whose responsibility it is to oversee the plan.

Our site includes:

  • Meet the members of SPRC- the Strategic Planning Resource Council.
  • Grant Opportunities- find out about the grant opportunities associated with the plan and read about some of the grants that have been awarded and implemented.
  • Student Perspective- meet our student representative and read his ongoing insights on the Plan for Excellence and the issues that are important to our students.