Staff Recognition Event

West Chester University

Linda Udovich - Committee Chairperson
201 Carter Drive, Suite 100
West Chester, PA 19393
Fax: 610-436-3464

Years of Service Awards - 2010

At the 2010 Staff Recognition Event the following individuals were awarded for their benchmarks in service.

35 or more years of service [Click for Picture]

Luis Collazo
Angel Crespo
Jeanne King
Joan Robertson

30 or more years of service [Click for Picture]

Linda Brunner
Howard Showers, Jr.
Cynthia Strengari

25 or more years of service [Click for Picture]

John Fillman
Richard Hammond
Darlene Laverty
Dawn London
Richard Simpson

20 or more years of service [Click for Picture]

Cynthia Bednar Lynn Keiser
Barbara Bottoms John Lammy, Jr.
Edward Bruno Elizabeth Lukens
Ginger Covington Alice Marella
Barbara Jo Cox Abbie Merrit
Marvin Depte Roman Perewiznyk
Gail Fellows Kim Richardson
Barbara Findora Eric Ruggeri
Thomas Fitzmier Mary Shaw
Maryann Hammond Albert Shuler
Julia Harper Harry Steen, Jr.
Richard Jackson Cynthia Williams

15 or more years of service [Click for Picture]

Donna Beckett Dana McDonnell
Kathleen Bolton Jeanne Peters
David Cahaley Jacqueline Sharp
Donna Carney Beth Simmons
Rosemary Coyle Christine Smith
George Drake Richard Swain
Patricia Graham Bruce Taylor
Sara Gruner  

10 or more years of service [Click for Picture]

Janet Bradley Joseph Mercy
Jeannette Crouthamel Lewis Merkins
Treiva Dungee Geraldine Misquith
Marcus Harrison Todd Showers
Janet Krackov Rose Marie Sykes
Mina Lele Janine Taylor
Marion McKinney Paul Yanarella
Tracie Meloy Lisa Yannick

Staff Retirees

Stafford Berry
Robert DeHaven
David Harp
Howard Showers
Mary Hunt
Maryann Manos
Linda Marrone
Harry Pearsall
John Sharpless
Brandon Sweet
Jorge Vega

Staff recognition awards are given for service performed at West Chester University. The awards being given this year are for those persons who have reached the appropriate years of service by December 31, 2009.