Staff Recognition Event

West Chester University

Linda Udovich - Committee Chairperson
201 Carter Drive, Suite 100
West Chester, PA 19393
Fax: 610-436-3464

Years of Service Awards - 2011

At the 2011 Staff Recognition Event the following individuals were awarded for their benchmarks in service.

35 or more years of service [Click for Picture]

Gary Hammond
Robert Jones
Corrado Lupo
Algrid Ogurko

30 or more years of service [Click for Picture]

Dorothy Boyer
Raymond Fryberger
Denise Gonzalez
Michael Rocke

25 or more years of service [Click for Picture]

Carol Clark Sherry Marvil
Barbara E. Cooper Kathie Marvin
Corinthian Depte Marlies Persch
Diane DeVestern Joseph Poole
Gail Haney Douglas Reeves
Ronald Hannum Belinda Trani
Eugene Klecko Danielle Zimmerman

20 or more years of service [Click for Picture]

Robert Bollinger Eileen Oakes
Richard Chan Diana Roberts
Teresa Dempsey Robert Rust, Jr.
Royston Gathings Greg Sickler
Julian Girafalco, Jr. David Timmann
Gail Habbersett Charles Warner
Lynn Hansell Ann Marie Wehler
Laura Hardy Gerald Wilkins
Ernest McNeil  

15 or more years of service [Click for Picture]

Cindy Barimani John McNamara
Edward Boggs Linda Morrow
Christina Brenner Glen Norman
Karyl Fitzgerald Christine Odorisio
David Gulick Mary Ellen Panaccio
Winnie Hayek Frank Piscitello
Dorothy Hurley John Rhein
Geoffrey Iliff Mary Jane Rogan
Linda Lamwers Raymond Stevenson
Linda MacElroy Syphay Sysavath
Ann Mascherino Mary Pat Werley

10 or more years of service [Click for Picture]

Edward Bartholdi Frederick Monson
Thomas Clark Jeffrey Pothier
Lora Crosswhite Matthew Queh
John Curran Deborah Romagnoli
Scott Davis Linda Ryan
Nina Ferrier George Showers
Edwin Gallagher Wendy Showers
Karen Gorgonzola Steven Stradley
Kent Guerin William Warne
Kevin James Howard (Curtis) Winters
Marie Mercy  

Staff recognition awards are given for service performed at West Chester University. The awards being given this year are for those persons who have reached the appropriate years of service by December 31, 2010.