West Chester University


Land and Buildings

The carbon footprint of the University is greatly affected by the buildings and landscape that make up the campus. To better evaluate the impact of trees on our carbon footprint and to aid WCU in better managing it trees, an inventory of the tree population on North Campus was made. This is known as the Green Legacy Project. This project created a database that can be used to evaluate benefits, management issues, and where improvements to the North Campus urban forest can be made.

On-going research will use this data to address topics such as

  • In-depth analysis of risks and benefits of our campus forest (e.g., susceptibility to disease outbreaks, etc.)
  • Manage campus forest to better offset carbon footprint, reduce stormwater, etc.
  • Create community-based support and education, using i-Tree and CITYgreen analysis

A pdf of the Green Legacy presentation is available to download.