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Reusing items - by repairing them, donating them to charity and community groups, or selling them - also reduces waste. Reusing products, when possible, is even better than recycling because the item does not need to be reprocessed before it can be used again. Each year West Chester University sells hundreds of surplus items on an auction website that are reused by the buyers. Thus, these items get a second life rather than being discarded in a landfill.

Ways to Reuse

  • Using durable coffee mugs.
  • Using cloth napkins or towels.
  • Refilling bottles.
  • Donating old magazines or surplus equipment.
  • Reusing boxes.
  • Turning empty jars into containers for leftover food.
  • Purchasing refillable pens and pencils.
  • Participating in a paint collection and reuse program.

For more information, click on this link from the Environmental Protection Agency.

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