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West Chester University

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Dr. Joanne Conlon, Chair

Major and Career Resources

This "Career Quiz" suggests possibilities based on your personal interests and usual style.

Step 1: Under "Explore Schools and Careers" click on "College"

Step 2: Under "Majors and Careers" click on "Career Quiz"

Step 3: Answer the 26 questions

Step 4: Sign in and investigate the links of related majors and career of interest and style

Step 5: Share the results with your advisor.

This "Occupational Outlook Handbook" provides information on careers of interest.

Step 1: In the empty box (upper right corner of screen) next to "Search the Handbook," type in occupation (ex: Social Worker), then click "Search."

Step 2: Click on the Occupation area you are most interested in.

To "google" Major and Career Info

Search a specific major: (Example: Psychology): type in the search box: "Careers in Psychology"

General search for possible careers, self-assessment tools, etc.: type in the search box: "What career is right for me?"

"What Can I Do with this Major/Degree?"

"Career Info, Education, Job Search & Job Descriptions"