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Periodicals/Book Ratio

Periodicals/Book Ratio
for the entire FHG Library Materials Budget
and for Each Subject (Departmental) Fund Allocation

  1. The library shall establish a "floor" for its acquisition budget such that the total amount spent on books shall not be allowed to drop below 25% of its entire materials budget. This means that the library shall not spent more than 75% of its materials budget on periodicals.
  2. The LAC shall recommend a method by which each department shall set a floor for its library book acquisitions allocation. No department shall set a floor of less than 5% of its entire materials allocation for books. The means that no department shall spend more than 95% of its entire library materials allocation on periodicals.
  3. The library will maintain annual accounts for each departmental materials allocation. These accounts will be distributed every year to each department, and the appropriate selector will inform a department when the projected serials expenditure approaches the allocation floor to which it has agreed. The department shall then suggest cuts in the library’s periodical subscriptions sufficient to bring its allocation into conformity with the agreed–upon floor. If the department is unwilling to suggest appropriate cuts, the library shall cut its subscriptions sufficiently to bring the department’s allocations in conformity with the agreed–upon floor.
  4. The library shall use the statistics provided by the American Library Association, Association of College and Research Libraries, the Bowker Annual, and other reputable sources to predict its serials expenditures each year. If it appears likely that the library’s expenditures for books shall fall below 25% of the entire materials budget, the library will consult with the LAC and decide upon measures to bring its projected expenditures above the limit.

Approved by Library Administration and Faculty, 4/7/98
Approved by Library Advisory Committee, 4/16/98
Approved by WCU Department Chairs, 4/29/99