Dr. Gloria Hernandez
Dept. of Languages and Culture
Email: ghernandez@wcupa.edu
Dr. Melissa Whidden
Dept. of Kinesiology
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Research Day Application - Presentation Formats and Procedures

Authors’ Corner

This category is for the display of published books, journal copies, or reprints. Manuscripts may not be displayed in the Authors' Corner. The items will be displayed on bookstands on a table. Floppy items should be attached to a card to make an effective display. There is no staffing requirement, but we encourage authors to attend.

Panel-mounted Posters

Panel-mounted posters will be tacked on to a poster display panel. The guidelines for posters will be sent out soon.

Table Display

Table displays are for physical artifacts, not for ordinary printed material. We will have the table ready and the presenter must provide whatever item to display on the table. The display should include a title and the names of the authors. If services such as electricity, Internet connection, or anything beyond a clear tabletop are required, arrangements must be made in advance. Authors must attend the table for a period of time (which will be announced later).


Brief video presentations (3 to 4 minutes) will be played on a large screen. This format is being offered for faculty in disciplines that favor other forms of presentations than poster sessions to present and share research. Authors need to supply the video file and attend the presentation at for period of time (which will be announced later).


Dance, music, arts, hands-on workshops, and other demonstrations of creative or research work are welcomed. Please provide a brief description of your proposed demonstration. Decisions will be made on an individual basis.

Oral Presentations

250-words proposals for a 10-15 minutes oral presentation followed by a Q&A session. This is an excellent opportunity for faculty to present their research and receive feedback from a broad audience. Oral presentations will be organized by topics and fields of study.