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WCU Research Day 2014: Research in Women’s Studies
Welcome Historically, the goal of a liberal arts education has been to introduce students to the infinite heritage of human learning, while giving them the skills to evaluate this body of knowledge independently and critically.  Women's experiences often have been either left out of this heritage or overshadowed by bias in the universities that has placed women's lives, culture and historical contributions in a subordinate position to those of men.

Women's and Gender Studies is a way of looking at the world that questions historical and current gender arrangements. It is also an interdisciplinary field of study that examines how the social constructions of gender, race, sexuality and class affect our lives. As such, Women’s and Gender Studies is an exploration of women's thoughts, feelings, and experiences, an analysis of interactive patterns among women and men, and a body of knowledge that ultimately serves as a basis for social change.

Faculty at West Chester show their commitment to these values and to the development of students through interactions inside and outside the classroom, endeavoring to create a safe place where students come to recognize the obstacles that may hinder their educational goals, clarify their academic interests, and explore career opportunities.

West Chester University offers both a major and minor in Women’s and Gender Studies.

Alumni Spotlight

Victoria Kereszi

Victoria Kereszi
Graduated December 1999

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Courses: Spring 2015

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Dr. Lisa Ruchti
Director of Women's and Gender Studies
Main Hall 148
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383
610-436-2464 lruchti@wcupa.edu